Audi does offer many models that are convertible. Here’s a list of what Audi offers when it comes to convertibles. Audi’s offering consists of Audi A3, A4, A5, A5 Sport, Cabriolet, R8, RS 4, RS 5, S4, S5, and TT.


The reason why you would buy a convertible is a different story. Without the roof, being in a convertible car gives you visibility. With that visibility, it becomes easier to maneuver and park. Additionally, it offers versatility. Some people may want to be offered a vehicle that can transform into a coupe or sedan with a push of a button. Having a convertible can do that for you. Furthermore, it offers style and headroom.

However, there are some cons. With the price of some Audi models already being set high, purchasing a vehicle that is convertible tends to raise the price a bit. Equally, it does tend to leak. Although roof materials have improved over the years, there’s no guarantee that water will stay outside.