A new Kia Soul has a MSRP of $16,200. This price is reflective of all the basics that comes equipped with the vehicle. Furthermore, nobody argues the price for what they receive in return. With its easy to drive, controlled handling and steering, fuel economy and comfortability while driving its no wonder it goes head to head with its top competitors. Coupled with a panoramic sunroof in higher end models that you don’t see in everyday vehicles. In addition, it was rated 5/5 for the safety rating.

Many people have been keeping an eye out for the new 2018 Kia Soul turbo. However, those trims can run you around $22,900 and plus. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with a slightly used version of the car. Nevertheless people are always wanting a car that can hold its value. And considering its overall popularity in recent months it holds its car value pretty steadily.

What to expect

Many people think that used cars depreciate at a much faster rate than newer cars, however the Kia Soul doesn’t. With the addition of the Kia Soul EV it continues to look brighter for their future. However going electric can be quite costly. Ranging anywhere around the price of $32,250.