Car subscriptions is a different option when buying a car. When looking to purchase a vehicle you have 2 options, financing or leasing. Now, car subscriptions became a new option to choose from.

You don’t own the car with a subscriptions service, just as you don’t with leasing. Instead, you get to use the car with an all-inclusive monthly fee. With this subscriptions, you pay a fee that covers insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance. In addition, you’ll also get to change your car with a concierge delivering the vehicle to you.


Some benefits of going with a car subscriptions are that it offers flexibility. You’re able to change the car more frequently compared to buying or leasing. Furthermore, it also adds potential cost savings. Basically meaning, there are no down payments or chargers. And lastly, everybody’s favorite, no negotiating as all fees seem to be set.


On the other hand, if ownership is important to you, then this option isn’t for you. Going with this subscriptions also entails that you be restricted with how you use the car. In addition, it’ll also have vehicle tracking. No negotiating can be a pro and a con subjectively.