Aside from the fact that larger wheels give cars a more aggressive look, there are some pros and cons.


When going with larger wheels you obtain an increased grip. However, the degree to which the improvement depends on the amount of change in the tire itself. Mainly, the height and width. Furthermore, it also can improve reaction and behavior on turns.

Capacity for larger brake discs is another added benefit when going with larger wheels. Because increasing the rim diameter makes it possible to accommodate larger car brake discs and calipers. Along with the larger rims, it greatly improves the look of your car.


Cost is one of the reasons why many don’t switch to larger wheels. Larger diameter rims are more expensive because manufacturers have to use better materials and more complex technologies to create it. In addition to cost, the increased fuel consumption is a big no-no.

When going with larger diameter rims you give up comfort. Which then translates to making traveling less comfortable. And the noise levels from these larger diameter rims is quite annoying.