It’s good to know what the car you’re looking at is worth, but is that enough? Knowing the resale value of a car and MSRP can head you in the right direction, but negotiating is a different story. So here are some ways to lower the price of a car.

Don’t negotiate

That’s correct. Don’t negotiate. Simply tell the salesperson or sales manager that you’ll only buy the car if the price hits your current figure. Any other offers given aside from your figure should be politely denied. Provide them with your phone number and leave. Chances are they’ll call you back when cars aren’t selling.


The best times to follow-up is on a Saturday or Sunday night an hour before closing time. Some say that the last day of the month is satisfactory as well. Furthermore, following up on a day that has terrible weather can work as not many cars will be sold that day. Adding all those up, you’ll get a Saturday or Sunday night that falls on the last day of the month with a terrible weather equaling to the best price for your car.

If for any reason there are no calls or feedback, simply repeat the process. Eventually one of the dealerships will turn up.