Summer is right around the corner and here are some car tips that everyone should know about before heading out into the sun.


A good practice to keep interior cool is to drive with the windows rolled down and air conditioning to be at max. This allows the hot air the circulate out of the car and the cool air to stay. When the inside of the car is about the same temperature as outside, then it’ll be a good idea to roll the windows up.


Whether in the summer or not, always check your tires. It’s always a good practice to perform the tire tread with the penny test. Under-inflation and over-inflation are some things to worry about as well. Tires being under-inflated are at risk, since with no air pressure it puts the tires components under more strain. With over-inflation the problem arises when a summer storm comes in and now your car has a likely chance of hydroplaning or losing control.


Watch out for engine overheats. Always keep an eye out for low coolant levels, this will save you some big money. Aside from having to pay large sums of cash to repair your engine and radiator, it’ll be a great idea to keep your coolant leveled. When you see some symptoms for example: warning lights, steam, temperature gauge rising, coolant smell – that most likely means that something is wrong.