You should pay attention to a repainted car. However, spotting one can be quite difficult. Aside from the obvious fact of changing the color of the vehicle, there can be many other deciding factors towards the change. Factors that will require repainting the car are because of rust, scratches, damages, accidents, and/or customization. So, when purchasing a vehicle, whether new or used, it’s always a great question to ask if a vehicle has been repainted.

How to tell that a vehicle has been repainted

You’re able to tell if a vehicle has been repainted by a simple inspection. You should perform a body line check to see that all measurements and gaps on your car are similar. In addition, you should also pay attention to any moldings that are a different color other than black. Many times the paint shop won’t cover these moldings well enough and the paint will seep through. Furthermore, you can also signify through the wheel location if over-spraying has occurred.

In addition to checking the paint, you’re able to tell collisions and accidents. Simply check around your car where there are latches. Another high importance is to check the frame of your car. If there are any shifts it’s a telltale sign that the vehicle has been in an accident.