A new Toyota Camry has an MSRP of $23,495. This price is reflective of all the basics that come equipped with the vehicle. Furthermore, nobody argues the price for what they receive in return. With its easy to drive, controlled handling and steering, fuel economy and comfortability while driving its no wonder it goes head to head with the Honda Accord. In addition, the Toyota Camry is a safe vehicle having good crash test scores. What the car offers its driver is nothing short of excellence, but rather it exceeds customer expectations.

A used Toyota Camry can run you around $5000 and up depending on the year and usage of the vehicle. With its low maintenance cost, fuel economy and reliability its hardly a surprise when looking at the resale value of a Toyota Camry. Maintaining a high resale value gives most people a piece of mind knowing that they can trade in the vehicle later down the road for a newer vehicle. Thus, receiving the highest trade-in value.

Many people think that used cars depreciate at a much faster rate than newer cars, however, the Toyota Camry doesn’t. It continues to hold its price with what it offers its drivers.