Mini Cooper vs Fiat 500

The Mini Cooper, compared to the Fiat 500,  feels like it’s in a completely different performance class.  Despite having a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, the Mini is the most powerful car of the two with 134 horsepower. While the Fiat 500 has 69 horsepower. Even though the horsepower doesn’t really tell us much, we can find out more on its performance around cities. With the engines, the Mini Cooper performs greater as the engine pull effortlessly from low revs. However, the Fiat 500’s engine needs plenty of revs to make decent progress and therefore limits its out of town abilities.

Nothing much changes when ride quality comes into view. The Fiat 500 isn’t uncomfortable by any means, but it just never satisfies. On the other hand, the Mini offers better quality. With its dampers, it does an excellent job of smoothing out bumps when comfort mode is selected. When equipped with the standard suspension set it comes with smaller alloy wheels. However, it doesn’t affect ride quality in the least.