Color does matter when buying a car. However it depends on you, the customer, on this deciding factor. Here are some reasons as to why.


When coming to the resale value of the car, having a vehicle with a popular color can boost its resale price. Silver and white is known as the best resale value type of color. Silver and white being among the popular are the color that is most desirable. On the other hand, there are other colors like gold and brown that depreciate in price. Those colors are less popular to the public and more hard to replicate.


The color of your vehicle can have an effect on theft. Brighter color cars that represent sporty cars can actually serve as a theft deterrent. Being as those that sticks out among the rest is easy to spot so thieves avoid those types of vehicles. However, this is completely dependent on the area that you currently live in.


All different types of color for a vehicle does not directly affect the insurance. However, things like environmental, day or night time, can. Having a black car can be dangerous at night time because it’s more difficult to locate a black car. In the other instance, a car that is really reflective during the day can cause accidents. Furthermore, the myth that red color vehicles cost more to insure is false.