Cars can run on hydrogen or rather known as fuel cell vehicles. And in recent years those cars have been improving to better support running on hydrogen. However, it seems to only be available in California because of the abundance of fueling station located there.

Refueling a fuel cell vehicle is like refueling a car or truck. You arrive at a refueling station and refill with pressurized hydrogen. Furthermore, some leases may cover the cost of refueling entirely, which is a great benefit. But once you’re done refueling the range for the vehicle is like that of a gasoline or diesel-only vehicle.

Types of Cars that run on Hydrogen

Since fuel cell vehicles are fairly new there are only a select few that are available. Here are some options for fuel cell: Hyundai Nexo, Honda Clarity fuel-cell and the Toyota Mirai just to list a few. For you to be able to drive a car that runs on hydrogen you’ll have to purchase one of the new cars that does. As older cars don’t support that and doesn’t have the technology to.