Appearance wise there doesn’t appear to be much difference between the Acura RDX or the Honda CR-V. It’s only when you dive into the price, reliability and many other aspects of the car where it becomes subjective.

The Honda CR-V starts at $24,150. While the Acura RDX starts at $35,800. The price reflects the equipment that comes standard on the vehicles. The varying price difference between the two comes from the fact that one is a compact SUV market, while the other belongs to the luxury compact SUV market.

While the interior of both vehicles is designed with quality, there’s more to be desired from the Acura RDX. Being placed in the luxury market places a huge strain on the price point versus interior expectation. On the other hand, the Honda CR-V exceeds expectations at its price point.

Both vehicles come standard with front-wheel drive and have an option for all-wheel as an upgrade. Furthermore, the RDX features precise steering and a balanced suspension system that keeps passengers comfortable.